Okay. Let’s Get Started.

I had to start this blog with a subtle nod to my favorite video game series Metal Gear Solid. Not different from the torture Snake endures from Ocelot following the words serving the title to this post, this is the beginning of a bit of torture for me. I’ve blogged before in varying degrees, but I want this attempt to be more ambitious.

The main reason I decided to start it comes from an unplanned desire to see 100 movies in a year (I seriously only decided this yesterday). I figure that this goal of mine could use a more memorable tracking device than just a list in a page of notes on my iPad. Also I think it would just help me remember the movies better.

Anyway, I’m sure that aside from that I’ll chime in with a few pieces of the goings on in my life that I choose to share. If it’s anything like my past journaling experiences, they’ll be mostly silly.



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