#19 The Ten (2007)

In recent years I’ve become a fan of Adult Swim on Cartoon Network. Reconnecting with the weirdness that is Aqua Teen Hunger Force (or whatever it’s called now), Delocated the show that sprouted from a character on a sketch on Late Night with Conan O’Brien. What started that was a little show called Childrens Hospital. Originally a web series, was exported to television after its first “season”. Due to the original length of the webisodes, they aired in pairs with self-produced advertisements for a fake show (which later became NTSF:SD:SUV::). In another episode, airing as mock news magazine, they introduced another eventual spin-off.

However, neither were originally created in the Childrens Hospital universe. Dr. Glenn Richie and Louis La Fonda of Newsreaders were characters in The Ten, which features a very impressive ensemble cast. Paul Rudd as Jeff Reigert guides us through ten stories that highlight each of the ten commandments. A simple idea, but David Wain and Ken Marino went from one bizarre tale to the next some of which were intertwined.

I decided I won’t go into all of them, but I enjoyed Paul Rudd introducing each commandment while setting up the payoff for his own acts of adultery (first to his wife, then to his girlfriend cheating on her with his ex-wife and Dianne Wiest). There’s a ridiculous musical number at the end which wraps it up.




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