#18 Bachelor Party (1984)

Before a weekend of Twin Peaks and Game of Thrones marathon viewings, I cleared some more room in my DVR watching a movie that’s been collecting digital dust on my cable box. Bachelor Party is exactly what the title presents, a bachelor party. Tom Hanks is the groom to be and his friends plan a night of debauchery that goes way off plan for better or worse.

Rich decides he’s happy to spend the rest of his life with girlfriend Debbie and upon informing his friends over brunch lunch they decide to throw him one last wild single night. Debbie’s family is not so excited about their lovely daughter marrying a school bus driver (I wouldn’t be either considering things here) and her father enlists her ex-boyfriend Cole to attempt to break it up. The first sabotage occurs just as the bachelor party and bridal shower commence, where Cole intercepts the girls hired to the boys’ hotel room and sends them (and their whips and leather goods) to the shower. The girls then decide to have a party of their own, while the guys try to restore order to their night.

After a tip from one of their friends, the guys head over to the male stripper bar where the ladies are presented with a footlong (and then some) with the aid of a performer known as The Dick. The guys head back to the hotel where the guests have finally arrived and the party is getting up to the level they had in mind (still not sure if the donkey was originally in the plans or if it was another attempt to spoil the party). Debbie’s crew gets mixed up at the hotel, but eventually find their way to the room and Debbie is upset and wants to call off the wedding. Then after proving that he remained faithful through the course of the evening she rescinds her request just in time for the cops to come break up the party. In the chaos Cole somehow nabs Debbie and whisks her away leading to a chase by Rich to a movie theater. Fortunately, he finds the right theater and incites one of my favorite movie fights and is reunited with Debbie.

The great thing about this movie is that it’s exactly what it says it is. I liked how clever the solutions to Cole’s attempts to ruin the night were and how they intertwined both parties. Sure it’s outlandish, but if it were a more realistic movie about a bachelor party it wouldn’t be as entertaining.

Like it.



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