#17 Weekend at Bernie’s (1989)

Weekend at Bernie’s is a movie about two schmucks Larry and Richard working at an insurance company who stumble upon fraud and report it to their boss Bernie Lomax. After commending the boys on their discovery he invites them out to the Hamptons for the weekend. Shortly afterwards he meets his mob friends to take care of the two for uncovering his scheme. However the mob boss decides Bernie should be targeted instead as he realized he’s been having an affair with his girlfriend.

Bernie arrives at the house and speaks with the hitman Paulie, who agrees to meet him at the house. Paulie then takes out Bernie with heroin which he plants to look like a drug overdose. Larry and Richard get to the house and discover Bernie dead. Before they get a chance to call the police, party guests arrive and do not make the same realization perceiving him as wasted as he would be normally at these events. The movie progresses in the same fashion for the most part, the pair just keeping Bernie’s corpse animated enough easily fooling everyone that comes by.

The only reason I set out to watch this was because it’s often parodied and mentioned in other media (it even has a dance) most recently in an episode of How I Met Your Mother. The premise is interesting and it surprised me that they managed to wait until 40 minutes into the movie to get to the main premise. It certainly helped because the gag does get a bit tired especially to think that so many people perceived Bernie’s state as an apparent aloofness, which doesn’t really come across in the scenes where he’s alive.  Anyway, it was alright.




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