#16 Lincoln (2012)

Another of the movies in previews from when I saw The Master at the end of the summer and I recall thinking “this will probably be really good”. However I failed to realize one thing, but we’ll get to that.

Lincoln is a movie about unarguably everyone’s favorite US president (except well you know…they got over it eventually right?) and his attempt to pass the Thirteenth Amendment which outlawed slavery. I seriously can’t tell you much more than that because I slept through a majority of the film. Unlike when I dozed off in parts of Argo here I was greeted with very little action so to speak. Argo had drama you can see, hear, and feel while Lincoln didn’t grab my attention in the same way.

Considering the time periods of the two films and it’s easy to see why I’m so easily disinterested by Lincoln. While so much of American history relies on the events of the Civil War, it is so goddamn boring to me. I really don’t know what it is about it, but consider that my junior year of high school I got by on grades in the 70s during the Civil War portion of American History whereas senior year 95 on a paper about the Space Race. While I’m sure Daniel Day-Lewis will forever be lauded for his performance, I could not stand to listen to his voice which sounded like he was suppressing a yawn for two and a half hours.

One final note, there was a bit of a casting oddity that I might not have caught if I hadn’t seen the two movies back-to-back (much to the advice of a good friend of mine). Actor Walton Goggins appears in both Django Unchained and Lincoln on opposite sides of the slave debate! I’m sure it’s happened often in many acting careers, but I doubt it’s happened with films released within a month of each other.

Hate It.



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