#14 Clue (1985)

When it comes to choosing the movies I end up watching, I like to think that my choices are fairly autonomous. Aside from when my friends decide to see a movie or I’m too lazy to change the channel after a block of Malcolm in the Middle. What I didn’t expect was a lady to become an influence. After our second sleepover we decided to lounge in front of the Netflix queue for a Saturday of American Horror Story and trying to find the Passover episode of Rugrats. But before that, we watched a movie about a board game. No, not that one.

Clue is a movie based off the Parker Brothers (originally known as Cluedo released by Waddingtons and later introduced to the US) board game where players are tasked to solve a murder in a mansion. The main characters were plucked from the colorful pieces on the board as well as the victim, while a few other characters are introduced predominantly the butler, Wadsworth (played by Tim Curry), to move the story along. The pieces are guests of a party invited by someone that intends to blackmail them all for their connection to some shady matters in Washington, DC ranging from a prostitution ring to national defense matters. At some point a murder takes place in their presence, albeit in the dark, and they decide to investigate.

I didn’t know exactly what to expect before being presented with the choice of watching this, but overall it was a fun take on a favorite game of the lady. The characters as you do in the game “take turns” making accusations and theories to the scene and weapon of choice. The presentation of the possible items was a pretty cool element and the characters move about in similar fashion including the secret passages from the kitchen to the study and the conservatory to the lounge. I was surprised by some of the adult themes especially for a PG rated movie. Mr. Green was presented as a homosexual, Mrs. White was Lorena Bobbitt before that story ever happened, Ms. Scarlet was a madam, Colonel Mustard is a fan of whores and selling stolen military goods, etc. If you need some chuckles and have 90 minutes to spare this isn’t a bad alternative if you don’t have enough people to actually the game.

Like It.



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