#12 Argo (2012)

After a long hiatus logging hours and hours of play on Assassin’s Creed, I’ve returned to attempt to see some of the Best Picture nominees in anticipation of the Academy Awards. First up is Argo. Iran 1979, insurgents invade the US Embassy as a result of the ousting of the Shah. Six of the workers manage to escape and hide out with the Canadian ambassador. Upon learning their status, the US starts to look for a way to get them home safely. Tony Mendez (Ben Affleck) comes up with a plan to fabricate a film production as the motive for the six to be in Iran scouting locations. He enlists the help of a makeup artist and a film producer to establish production of a science fiction movie Argo. Admittedly, I was drifting in and out of sleep while watching this movie. Not out of boredom, but I was actually tired.

It doesn’t seem that I missed anything that affected the final 30-40 minutes of the movie that I was entirely awake for because that’s where it gets hot. After botching an attempt to create an alibi having the group go on a location scout, the CIA cancels the operation and is told to just wait for the planned military intervention to rescue them as well as the other hostages. Mendez ignores the orders and proceeds as planned though quite hastily as the team back at headquarters reauthorizes all the arrangements. Barely making it out of Iran and eventually back home in an amazing feat of coordination between allied nations.

There’s always something great about these meta type movies and this even better as it’s a movie about making a fake movie as a government operation to rescue hostages. No matter your political views you have to admire some of the brilliant minds that work for the better of our country and its citizens and this is a super example of that. The performances are great, Ben Affleck’s beard and hair were great, and I liked the visual ties to the era including the use of the old Warner logo in the opening credits. While I doubt I’ll get through all the nominees, I’m glad this is the first one I saw.

Like it.



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