#11 American Psycho (2000)

Conveniently not much more than a week after writing about Less Than Zero, the other Bret Easton Ellis novel-to-movie combo I’ve read and seen somes on. I’ll keep it brief since I’ve lately been watching more movies I’ve already seen.

American Psycho is a psychological thriller about an investment banker that is cutthroat not only in his business dealings, but in his personal life…or so we think. Compared to his first adapted novel, the director stays true to the story even so as to pretty much only use lines directly from the book. Very little was left to the imagination when watching the film. That is not to say some things weren’t omitted, but leaving those things out did not detract from the mania that is Patrick Bateman. If you pay attention to the confession he left on his lawyer’s voicemail, pretty much all the murders in the book (some of which aren’t seen in the movie) are accounted for including mention of eating brains (he eats other stuff too, describing his cooking methods even).

If you’re thinking of watching American Psycho make sure to read the book as well. You’d be surprised at the images your mind can put together on the train ride to work at 9 in the morning. While the director did a great job incorporating some of his monologues into the scenes, the way I pictured it while reading is much more fun.

Like It.



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