#4 Vampire in Brooklyn (1995)


Vampire in Brooklyn is about…well a vampire in Brooklyn. Eddie Murphy plays a vampire from the Caribbean (the introduction by Eddie Murphy mentions an island in the Bermuda Triangle) looking for his bride living in the county of Kings. I don’t know a lot about vampires, aside from their recent resurgence due to some popular novels, but I think it’s fair to say that this vampire depiction is one that is pretty familiar. Tuxedoed and caped, widow’s peak, extra sharp canines, and a extreme dislike of reflective surfaces.

He enlists the help of a slacker hoodlum type in Julius, who meets Maximillian when he appears from a cloud of fog in an alley in time to save him from a beat down from some random Italian guys. It really didn’t take too long for Maximillian to actually find Rita, the NYPD detective whose recently deceased mother was impregnated by a vampire while she was working on this island in the Caribbean. Rita had been having strange vampire-related visions (the first depicted a version of herself she sees inside of Max’s coffin), which Max understands better than her partner. After being rejected upon their first meeting, he gets his date with her and soon after initiates her transformation into a vampire.

Who am I kidding? I don’t want to say much more about this movie. It certainly isn’t the worst movie ever, but it’s pretty blah (ha ha, sorry). Eddie Murphy does a good job of being charming and kind of spooky in the role and anytime something comes out of John Witherspoon’s mouth I have to laugh. Other than that, I really don’t get vested in the lives of these characters especially in the relationship between Rita and her partner Justice which is the one I think we’re supposed to root for. If I wasn’t committed to watching the full movie, I probably would’ve gone to sleep sooner.

Hate it.



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