#3 Reign of Fire (2002)

One of my problems with watching movies is that there’s a significant time allocation to make when deciding to watch a movie. As a person that connects better with the episodic nature of television considering that the time commitments to that can be the equivalent to a couple days worth of virtually non-stop viewings (ask anyone that has picked up on Breaking Bad in the last year…self included). To me television has the start and stop ability that movies can never achieve. Whether you’ve watched your favorite Monday night procedural drama every first airing since the series started or you’re engaged in a marathon viewing session now that the show is finally on Netflix, the opportunity to take a break is always possible. Watching a movie though? I find it incredibly difficult to pause in the middle to pee or eat or whatever and then come back where I left off. It’s a problem I hope to correct with this exercise, but for now we might have our first victim.

Reign of Fire is a story about a post-apocalyptic London where dragons have emerged ready to just wreck everyone’s already miserable lives. I’m sure there’s more to it than that, but it’s really all I can remember. The reason I know it’s set in somewhat modern times is a scene where Christian Bale and Gerard Butler are recreating the fight between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader to entertain the neighborhood children. At some point a bald-headed Matthew McConaughey shows up with some tanks and choppers to help take down the reawakened dragons. He gets eaten by one of them and eventually Bale shoots an explosive laden crossbow down the same one’s throat.

I don’t think I would have watched this if it hadn’t come on right after Star Wars did on Spike. A combination of nothing else to watch and laziness overcame me and I let this be the next movie on the list. Not to say this was a bad film, I just didn’t give it much attention. It may warrant another look at least to hear Bale’s weak attempt at an Irish accent.




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