#2 Star Wars (1977)

The original Star Wars (now known as Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope) is a film I have seen before, so I’m officially deciding that it’s not a “100 movies I’ve never seen” deal. Some may think that this would make the task easier, but like I’ve stated before I’m not a big movie person. When it comes to the Star Wars universe I have a pretty average knowledge of the characters, places and other related detail, but definitely not enough to pledge allegiance as a fan. For example, I got the Rogue Squadron game for Nintendo 64 because it was similar in gameplay to StarFox.

The first time I sat and watched Star Wars was sometime three years ago after I bewildered a friend about having never seen the original (I’m pretty sure I saw The Empire Strikes Back when I was kid, I may revisit it soon to confirm). Not to say that I didn’t like it the first time around, but it was certainly easier to watch this time around. I think it helps to watch certain films with a hint of familiarity especially in this case since it’s heavy on back story (enough for three prequels apparently).

It’s a story that has been ingrained into pop culture for decades, so I don’t see the need in reciting the plot. What it comes down to is the classic story of young noble going on a quest to save the princess, except this time around there’s awesome fight scenes, intergalactic chases, and the best visuals technology could supply in the late 1970s. A part of me wishes that I could have the love for this series that some people do, but at the same time I kind of enjoy the passive admiration that I don’t understand the Star Wars universe as well as others.

Like it.



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