#1 Meatballs (1979)


One of my big plans for this Thanksgiving weekend was to start watching The Wire finally making use of HBO Go on my brand new iPad mini. I watched the first two episodes Thursday night and fell asleep. I woke up the next morning at around 11:30AM and started looking for something to watch. I found that Meatballs was going to be on at 12:15PM, so I decided I’d be alright watching that, having never seen it before. At some point during my viewing I decided I would turn this into a little endeavor. While the “100 Movies in a Year” challenge is certainly not a new venture, I feel that this was something I should try myself as I am notoriously not well versed in cinema. In fact, this may have contributed to me changing my major from film (as well as preparing a portfolio for the entrance major). The goal is of course 100 movies by 11:59PM on November 22nd, 2013, but of course I won’t just stop at that number.

On to the first film. Meatballs is about a summer camp and the stuff that goes on at such a place. There are summer flings, pranks, sports-like activities between rival camps and lots of short shorts. This movie is known for being Bill Murray’s first starring role. I’m sure this won’t be his only appearance on this page (unfortunately this is a huge hint at my long list of movies I should have seen).

Having never been to a summer camp growing up in New York City (my summers were spent either at Police Athletic League sponsored activities or in front of a TV), the only knowledge I have of them come from the show Salute Your Shorts. Both have neglected what my main concern would be: mosquitoes. Otherwise, the experience doesn’t seem all bad. There’s not really much story to this film as it’s kind of just a catalog of events over the course of the summer. I mean there’s a loner kid that gets a chance to be the star, love amongst the counselors (some based on the events of the prior years) and curiosity that sparks up from everyone’s hormones in a tizzy.

Meatballs is an okay movie. In a way I think this is why I have to write a little about each flick because otherwise I’m pretty sure I’ll forget about this movie in a week. Ideally I’d like to have something to etch each movie into my mind, but maybe that might not be possible every time.

Using the crude rating system of Like It, Meh, Hate It…this one’s a Meh.



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